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Harry Potter, AKA Daniel Radcliffe, Is Getting Married…Maybe

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Photo By: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer / Getty Images

Photo By: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer / Getty Images

jill_carousel Jill Bucco
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According to Star Magazine, Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, is getting married. He is all grown up and engaged to his girlfriend Erin Darke….allegedly.

OMG! How old do I feel? Is he even old enough to get married???? Yes…yes, he his. Wow. Time flies. Can you imagine….Erin gets to say she married Harry Potter. When they have kids…their kids get to say…”My dad is Harry Potter.” WHAT?!

That is crazy.

Do you think she will go by Erin Potter…or Erin Radcliffe? I would totally go by Jill Potter….I don’t care if that’s not his real name…that is what I’d go by.

Some sources are saying it is NOT true, but then again Daniel Radcliffe is known to be SUPER private.

So, If the cat IS out of the bag…I can totally see his rep telling reporters that it’s NOT…you know…to throw them off. That is so “School Of Hogwarts” of him.

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