Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Poses In Bed With Shirtless Actor

If Hollywood doesn’t have a controversy going on every minute of everyday, then it wouldn’t be Hollywood.

The thing that is making people crazy this very minute is a controversial picture of Willow Smith ( I whip my hair back and forth ) with Disney actor Moises Arias. They are in bed. She’s 13…he’s 20.

I’ll let that sink in…then before you see the photo, you must know it’s NOT an inappropriate photo IE: They’re not naked or under the “covers” together.

I’m sure Will and Jada are very “hands on” with their daughter and what she’s into…They’re also not stupid and know that publicity makes you relevant.

Although, I can completely understand why some would be upset…in the scheme of things I don’t think that this is all that big of a deal, but some people like to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

With that said…if this were my daughter…I’d be going Tony Soprano on someone. All bets are off when it’s your own kid. If Jada and Will don’t mind…maybe we shouldn’t either.

The photo was initially posted to Arias’ Instagram and Tumblr pages, although it has since been removed from his InstagramTake a look at the photo on his Tumblr and you be the judge. The photo is titled Simba and Nala 2014, a reference to characters from Disney’s The Lion King.

Here is one of Willow’s songs that we all love to hate…but really love. I Whip My Hair Back And Forth.

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