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10 Worst Celebrity Tippers

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(Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)

(Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)

dustin_carousel Dustin Kross
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Seriously? I’d like to think that if I was a rich celebrity I’d be tippin big! These celebrities barley tip at all and on of them tipped his own DVD! Seriously!?! “Hi how are ya, I’m a dick!”  Super surprised at Rachel Ray, being a Chef, you’d think she’d understand what it’s like to work in a restaurant as a server. Tisk Tisk! So, if anyone of these people sit at your table, expect a crappy tip!


10. Katherine Heigl

9.  Sean Penn

8. Britney Spears

7. Kirsten Dunst (Really? Sad day. She seems so sweet)

6. Usher

5. Rachel Ray

4. Bill Cosby (Jokes aren’t tips Bill)

3. Jeremy Piven (tipped an Entourage S. 1 DVD)

2. Madonna (Not surprised)

1. Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all

Here’s the details on what makes them bad tippers According –> We suck at tipping



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