The Goonies Are Back!

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Photo By: Michael Buckner / Staff/ Getty Images

Photo By: Michael Buckner / Staff/ Getty Images

jill_carousel Jill Bucco
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One of the greatest movies of all time ( in my opinion) is set to have a sequel. As if I couldn’t get more excited than hearing of a GHOSTBUSTERS 3…now…there’s THIS!

It’s allegedly going to take place 30 years later. OMG! I wonder if “one-eyed willie” will make an appearance.

Did they actually get to stay in their homes, is Astoria ok?

Did Brand and Andy wind up together? Did they get married? Do they have kids?

Is Data rich from all of his inventions? and most importantly…WHAT HAPPENED TO CHUNK?!

PS..YES! That is him in the middle.

So many unanswered questions that hopefully we will have the answers to soon!

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