Who’s The “Bland Basic B****” In Amazing Spiderman 2?

Sure to be one of the top 5 grossing films of (at least) 2014 The Amazing Spiderman 2 has some established stars like Jamie Foxx and Sally field, and then there’s the new breed Andrew Garfield, Dane DeHann, Felicity Jones, and the self proclaimed “…Bland Basic Bitch” Emma Stone.

In an interview for her May 2014 Vogue cover story “Stone’s not being falsely modest. She is the rare person in public life who will straight up tell you that yes, she has Googled herself. “I don’t usually like what I find,” she says. “But some of it is really funny.” Stone mentions Internet comments that referred to her as a “Bland Basic Bitch,” which was probably meant as a dig, but she found it hilarious, to the point that at dinner she now begins to refer to herself as “That Bland Basic Bitch.”

The beautiful Emma Stone is definitely down to earth and doing big things at the same time, gotta love that!  Here is an interview with Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Andrew Garfield from Ellen.


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