What Does A Guy Do To Get Over You?

When I broke up with the girl I thought was my soul mate, that sucked and it “really hurt.”  I told myself I wasn’t going date anyone ever again, which not surprisingly didn’t happen.

A good friend of mine said he “ran through a bunch of “blanks” to help him get over his ex.” That’s lots of “rebound sex.”

I also know guys that rebound right into another relationship immediately to forget. I call those “the rebounders.”

I lasted almost two years and then gave it a go again.

Well girls, you will be surprised to know that not all guys use sex to get over you.

According to a survey by Elite Singles, a UK dating site, more men than women admitted to being lovesick after every breakup.”  Men deal with break ups in a similar way that women do, getting engrossed in work (41% guys to 44% women), bitching about it (61% guys to 76% women), treating themselves to large amounts of food (15% of guys), yes some casual sex (14% of guys), and even, with a few, the need for revenge.

The main difference between men and women is that more women grieve post-breakup.  Bottom line is he may look and act like nothing is bothering him, but the reality is 25 percent more men than women are lovesick after a breakup.

Incidentally, my post soul mate relationship only lasted three months…and that hurt too!

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