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My First Day On Air At AMP!

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Photo by: Jill Bucco

Photo by: Jill Bucco

jill_carousel Jill Bucco
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So, today is my first night on the air in Orlando, Florida with AMP.  I’m READY AND SUPER PSYCHED! :: Not to sound like a cheerleader:: Although, I was one in college :) Ill be on from 7-10 tonight…but please please come back and visit me from 3-7 starting on Monday which will be my regular home :)

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Feel free to call me anytime on the AMP line or tweet me @jtbucco.  Or find me on Facebook. I’ll be talking about everything from music, to concerts, to gossip…

PS. Did you hear about James Franco flirting with that underage girl via Instagram??? Can you BELIEVE???? She’s crazy. I would have NEVER told and would have DEFINITELY met up with James Franco…HELLO…..He’s THE GREEN GOBLIN!!!!) He totally confessed to it today on Kelly and Michael.  He said he was embarrassed since he was new to social media.  He sounded sincere.  He looked totally humiliated…that should get him a few dates…well played Mr. Franco…well played!

If you didn’t see the story…go visit Dustin’s blog…after you finish mine, of course!

Anyway….talk you mean it! :)

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