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Hot Right Now: Katy Perry Delivered A Baby

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(Cass Bird for Capitol Music Group)

(Cass Bird for Capitol Music Group)

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It’s been one of those weeks for Katy Perry, where if it can happen, it was bound to.

First it was her split with John Mayer, then came the backlash from the Dark Horse video and finally, she delivered a baby!

Don’t worry Katy Kats, she’s not taking off to care for HER baby just yet, but she is an Aunt!

Definitely in the running for coolest aunt ever!

Someone who is trying to get his life back on track after a much publicized split from his wife is Robin Thicke.

TMZ caught up with him and asked him if he was trying to get Paula back and he said “I’m trying man.”

A new report shows that the most streamed artist in the United States was Jay Z who was streamed in over 20 states in the US, followed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in 11 states then Drake who was streamed the most in 8 states.

Drake really did start from the bottom…so perhaps next year he’ll be in the top 2. ;)

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