10 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Makes You Angry

It’s not a secret that you can log on to any social networking site within the next 48 hours and immediately be greeted by people posting about how miserable they are on Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it’s a Hallmark holiday to some, but to others it’s to remind them as to how lucky they are to have found the love of their life.

But let’s get real…you really hate this holiday and every year it approaches you play Adele on repeat and eat ice cream as you cry your eyes out while watching The Notebook.

But why does Valentine’s Day bring out the worst in people?

1. You’re forced to buy unnecessary gifts at ridiculous prices that most people will throw out or eat. ($20 on chocolate is ridiculous.)

2. You’re single.

3. You’re not a kid but someone buys you a teddy bear you don’t want. (WTH are you going to do with a bear the size of a toddler?!)

4. You’re single.

5. You’re broke and your significant other gets really into the holiday so you’re forced to charge gifts you can’t afford.

6. You’re single.

7. It’s the 1 day a year your crush has a legitimate reason to confess their undying love for you.

8. You’re single.

9. Your birthday is actually on Valentine’s Day but gets overshadowed every year by heart shaped boxes and corny cards.

10. You’re single.

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