Is Shapewear Causing Damage To Your Body?

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lizzette Lizzette Perez
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As a woman there have been moments where I’ve been thankful for Spanx. If you’ve never had to use spabx then lucky you. You have spared yourself the possibility of causing damage to your organs!

According to, wearing shape wear every day can be causing you more harm than good depending on the actual fit and how long you wear them!

Back in 2008 a survey of 500 American women carried out by Kelton Research for Jockey International showed that 44% wore shapewear regularly or occasionally. I’m pretty sure these numbers have increased over the years.

Women of all shapes and sizes are not the only ones buying them. There is shapewear for men!!!

So what’s the damage?

Not just the high cost to your pockets of these glorified girdles which has now been nicknamed modern shapewear.

Wearing these tight undergarments are not just squeezing back your fat but they may be squeezing your bladder causing (ewwww) leakage along with some other major concerns. Read HERE to find out more!

Do you wear shapewear? Man or woman let us know in the PEREZ POLL below!

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