George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West In The Ring

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If you haven’t  heard by now, George Zimmerman has announced that he will be hitting the ring in expectations of what should be a “Celebrity Boxing Match.”

Now its no secret that I’m sure people would love to take few legal jabs at Zimmerman in the ring, but it’s been puzzling to see who the contender actually will be.

Rumor has it that Zimmerman has his eyes set on Mr.  Kanye West.   According to TMZ he says that he wants to fight Kanye because Kanye attacks “defenseless people.”

I highly doubt that Kanye will accept or even entertain the thought of fighting  Zimmerman in any way at all, but I do think if the fight were to actually take place it would definitely be VERY entertaining.

I’d put my money on Kanye, what about you?

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