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Lily Allen Kicks Herself for Not Getting Into the Bitcoin Business

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(Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for RedBull)

(Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for RedBull)

By Shannon Carlin

#Idiot. It’s what Lily Allen called herself in a recent tweet after revealing she missed her chance to become a Bitcoin millionaire.

“About 5 years ago someone asked me to stream a gig live on second life for hundreds of thousNds of bitcoins,” Allen wrote on Jan. 5. “‘as if’ I said. #Idiot #Idiot.”

Back in 2009, Allen was asked to livestream one of her performances into Second Life, an online virtual world where people can create their own environment and interact with other people via avatars. The catch being that they would pay her in bitcoins. As the story goes, Allen said no thanks, something she regrets now.

But you certainly can’t blame the girl for being skeptical about a brand new digital currency — Bitcoin was created in 2009 — that doesn’t involve any middleman, like, say, a bank.


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