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102 JAMZ Poll: Who’s The Hottest Under 21?

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(Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images)

(Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images)

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For 2 years, Justin Bieber ruled the world. Anything he did seemed to win fans over. Recently, things have begun to change and it appears The Biebs has lost his “cool” factor.

One Direction claimed the top spot on “Billboard’s 21 Under 21” list with The Biebs falling to the #2 spot.

Miley Cyrus made a jump to round out the top 3.

But we feel like some artists like Fifth Harmony, Cody Simpson, and Emblem 3 weren’t given a fair shot.

So we’re turning to you. You vote for your favorite artist and let’s see who REALLY is the hottest under 21 star.

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