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Jeanius Poll: What Was YOUR ‘Song Of The Summer?’

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By tomorrow the majority of Central Floridians will be back to school and/or teachers will report back to work, so summer is pretty much officially over. Back in June I told you that Shazam predicted that “Get Lucky,” would be the ‘Song of the Summer,’ I on the other hand said that I thought Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines,” would be looks like it’s Mean Jean 1 – Shazam 0.

[Take a look at the Evolution of Robin Thicke]

“Blurred Lines,” has not only been the Song of the Summer, but till this point it’s the Song of the Year, as it is the most successful single released this year, spending pretty much the whole summer, the past 10 weeks, atop the Billboard Hot 100. As much radio play as ‘Lines,’ has gotten I still enjoy the song and haven’t been turned off by it, as do most people that I know who like the song. Anyway, enough about my song what do YOU think was the ‘Song of the Summer,’ Vote in our poll below or tweet me: @itsMeanJean.

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