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One Direction Go Undercover For “Best Song Ever” Video Previews

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You’ll be able to hear the WORLD PREMIRE of “Best Song Ever,” the latest from One Direction, all day today beginning at 1:10 PM. And next week, the “Best Song Ever” video premiere will be occurring on VEVO.

To lead up to the release of the “Best Song Ever” video, 1D have been releasing teaser vids with the guys showing off their acting chops.

In the most recently released preview clip above, Harry Styles takes on the All-American role of Marcel the marketing guy, sporting a very different hairstyle.

Liam Payne gets into it as Leeroy the choregographer, wearing a blonde wig, bright pink headband, and lovely legwarmers. “Oooooh, I love your blouse,” the flamboyant Leeroy exclaims, “it goes great with your eyes!” Many will probably also be thrilled to see a shirtless Niall Horan in the clip.

And speaking of Niall, he is virtually unrecognizable in the first teaser clip for the song, appearing as studio exec Harvey. Aged by approximately 20 years, the makeup is phenomenal, giving those who may hope to spend the rest of their lives with Niall a good glimpse at what to expect in the future (which seems to slightly resemble Mel Gibson).

Follow the One Direction VEVO channel for more teaser clips and the debut of the official “Best Song Ever” video.

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