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Drake Bell Hates Justin Bieber’s Fans…A Lot

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(TOBIAS HASE/AFP/Getty Images)

(TOBIAS HASE/AFP/Getty Images)

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In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, or maybe you have no idea who Drake Bell is, he wants you to know he cannot stand Justin Bieber fans.

Drake was a child actor on the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh and can be currently seen as a contestant on ABC’s diving reality show Splash. He also has a music career but not near the magnitude of Justin Bieber’s.

So that brings us to Twitter.

Drake is in a very heated Twitter war with Justin Bieber fans (Beliebers.) Just take a look at the Tweets below:


The replies to his Tweets were so awful, I couldn’t put them into this post. However, you can view them by CLICKING HERE.

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