The Truth About Lil Wayne, Sizzurp And Seizures

Lil Wayne‘s recent health scare, sparked by multiple seizures, has called into question the rapper’s use of Sizzurp, the promethazine and codeine drink mixture that is known to cause death.

The cocktail, which has been popularized by Wayne and other rappers, includes soda and sometimes dissolved jolly rancher candies. And while Wayne’s camp has denied that his Sizzurp consumption contributed to his seizures and lengthy stay in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s ICU, medical experts say seizures can be caused of intense drug use.

“When you mix promethazine with codeine, you lower the seizure threshold,” Mike Bloom, CEO of Pasadena Recovery, told “When it’s mixed with Jolly Ranchers and soda, it tastes good and you can easily take too much of it. That’s likely what he’s doing, he’s not aware of how much he’s taking. But it can make seizure more likely.”

On Monday (March 18), with plenty of speculation about Wayne’s use of Sizzurp floating around, his mentor Birdman rejected the claims. He insisted the seizures were not a result of drug use. “Honestly, it’s his work ethic,” Birdman said during a radio interview on Monday (March 18).

“[It’s] how hard he works and how much dedication he gives his music and fans and what he’s trying to accomplish in life. Had nothing to do with drugs.”

Despite the Cash Money boss’ claim, Wayne has never made his Sizzurp-sipping a secret. Wayne laces his raps with references to the concoction, often referred to as lean or purp, for its purple color or syrup.

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