Selena Gomez And The Scene To Release 4th Studio Album

If you’re a Selena Gomez fan, you’re in luck! She took to Twitter to announce she and her band will be releasing new music very soon.

Just last year, Gomez announced she and her band would take a break from music so she could focus on films and acting. She also said she wanted her band to play with whomever they wanted when they wanted.

She went on to say how they’d be back, but not for a while…and as it turns out, that “while” was only a year.

Perhaps it was her breakup with Justin Bieber that fueled the desire to get back into the studio, or maybe she just had so many movies lined up, she didn’t have time for music.

One thing’s for sure, Twitter doesn’t lie…ok well it does, but it can be a useful tool to announce your new music:


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