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Kelly Clarkson Explains The Reason Behind Bill Clinton’s Photobomb

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Kelly Clarkson (R) with fiance Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson (R) with fiance Brandon Blackstock (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“Was Bill Clinton checking out your butt?” That’s the question Lisa Dent and Ramblin’ Ray of Chicago’s US99.5 posed to Kelly Clarkson during an interview this week.

The question refers, of course, to a now-famous photo from President Obama’s inauguration ceremony, where former President Clinton is seen leaning out from behind VP Joe Biden to ‘check out’ Kelly Clarkson, who was on stage singing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” The look on Clinton’s face is hilarious–and has everybody speculating what might have been on his mind.

Kelly, though, thinks it was just a matter of practicality — he simply wanted to get a better view of what was going on. “Everybody keeps saying that. But it wasn’t stadium seating where we were seated,” she explains. “We were all standing directly behind [one another]. So all of us up on the stage were doing that. They just caught him.”

Kelly, of course, had a scheme to try and get back at Clinton during a later Washington White House reception, with a nutty photobomb of her own–which she described to Minneapolis station Buz’n 102.9. Her scheme, however, was sadly thwarted by Clinton’s enduring popularity (in other words, the crowds around him).

Kelly also told US99.5 she’s a fan of another White House resident — Michelle Obama. She describes the First Lady as “pretty rad,” and by way of example tells how, during the inaugural ball, she truly ‘got the party started.’

“Everbody was sitting down,” says Kelly. “And all of a sudden she stood up, and she was dancing, and I was like, ‘What?!’ And everybody got up, it was like they were waiting for it to be OK. She totally brought the house down when she stood up and started getting into it. It was amazing.”

– Steve Koscik, US99.5/Chicago and Kurt Wolff,

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