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J. Cole Fights For “Miss America,” But Is Anybody Listening?

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(Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

J. Cole is hoping to make a change with his new song “Miss America” even as the charging record flies in the face of popular trends.  

The song is an agressive record and chocked full of raw language, a far cry from his radio friendly “Nobody’s Perfect” single, which featured a singing Missy Elliott

“Rap game changed, this is some embarrassing s***,” he raps, “A bunch of N***** posing on some Miss America S***”

As Cole pointed out, hard-rapping is not far from his M.O. He introduced himself to most hip-hop fans with “Who Dat,” which boasted heavy boom-bap beats and rugged rhymes.

“I just had a conference call with a bunch of program directors from across the country,” he told Billboard, “and I’m trying to explain to them that as the artists and the program directors and DJs, we have like a responsibility and a certain power that comes with making the music and playing the music. And that comes with a responsibility to keep things fresh and not to fall into the mode of what’s traditional.”

[Listen to “Miss America” here]

Cole said it’s a conscious choice to release a nontraditional single in order to make some kind of change in music. 

“If I can use my power in some kind of way, I’m gonna try to use it to shift culture just a little bit. To me, ‘Miss America’ shifts things a little bit, it changes the conversation it takes it in a more aggressive direction, more raw, more social commentary… Any type of commentary is good compared to what a normal single is these days.”

While his forthcoming album has been pushed back, Cole said he was not sure when his album would come out. He wanted to release it on January 20, which is his birthday but for now fans will have to settle for “early next year.”

E. Parker, CBS Local 

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