The Voice Of Elmo Kevin Clash Accused Of Sexual Activities With Underage Boy Denies Allegations!

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Water coolers at your local daycare are being disturbed with the question of  whether or not the allegations against Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street‘s  cutest and most beloved monster Elmo, are true or false.

According to TMZ, Kevin Clash has taken a leave-of-absence from Sesame Street and has met with Sesame Workshop lawyers.  A 23-year-old man is claiming that seven years ago at age 16 he and Clash began a sexual relationship. Clash was 45 at the time the alleged relationship began.

Clash has admitted  to once having a relationship with his accuser however stating it wasn’t until the he was an adult!  His time away from Sesame Street will be focused on protecting his reputation.  Tell us what you think! Leave a comment or vote in Perez Poll Below!

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