Ryan Lochte Dives Into Trademark Fight, Credits Jeezy With “JEAH!”

Gold medalist Ryan Lochte is being challenged by MC Eiht for trying to trademark the word “JEAH.” The Compton rapper recently shot holes in  Lochte’s word grab with a claim of his own. 

“Why try and trademark something his a** didn’t even create? I am mad that he isn’t giving me proper recognition for taking my saying,” Eiht told TMZ. “He is just disrespectful.”

While Eiht has been known to use the word in the ’80s, Lochte said he was motivated by Young Jeezy. 

“It’s really pronounced Chea, like C-H-E-A,” Lochte said in a previous interview. “A rapper, Young Jeezy, always said it in his music. I kinda wanted to change it so I said ‘Jeah,’ with a J. It means almost like everything, like, happy…I guess it means good.” [See video below]

While Lochte says Jeezy used “C-h,” the rapper’s lyrics have been commonly printed as using “Jeah.”

Meanwhile, Lochte has already started selling JEAH merchandise on his site, including one pair of novelty glasses with the word “REEZY” (similar to Jeezy) and “JEAH!” emblazoned across the lenses.  

MC Eiht, who was once a part of popular gangster rap group, Compton’s Most Wanted, used the term early in his rap career and claims he coined the phrase in 1988. The rapper is most known for his role in the 1993 gang film, Menace II Society, in which he played O.G. A-Wax. Outside of his music, he also used the term in the popular flick. [See this clip]. 

In regards to the “Jeah” battle, Eiht said it’s a matter of “respect and the truth.” But Lochte’s camp maintains that Eiht has no influence on the singer’s word choice.

“Ryan has been using JEAH for years,” Lochte’s manager told TMZ. “This is the first I have heard of this claim by MC Eiht.”

If Eiht follows through with his cease and desist letter, it surely won’t be the last.  —Erik Parker, CBS Local


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