Q&A: Getting To Know Rita Ora

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(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Rita Ora is not only an exceptional talent, she also happens to be extremely open, candid, and lots of fun. When she stopped by 102 JAMZ for a Next JAMZ Star performance, Melony Torres posed a series of rapid fire questions for her in an attempt to get to know her even better and possibly uncover some juicy little secrets.

Melony Torres: What is your full name?

Rita Ora: My full name is Rita Sahatçiu Ora.

MT: Name three of your favorite artists.

RO: Frank Ocean, Little Dragon and Subtract.

MT: Have you ever been to Disney?

RO: Land?

MT: World…here (referring to Disney World in Orlando).

RO: No I haven’t. I hear it’s amazing though.

MT: Sneakers or high heels?

RO: Sneakers.

MT: How many tattoos do you have and where?

RO: Oh I’ve got twelve tattoos and you can’t even see them. I have loads of white ones. I have a white one right here. My sister’s birthday here. I did this one myself. An anchor.

MT: Wait. You did it yourself? With a needle?

RO: Yeah. That’s why it looks so twisted.

MT: Isn’t that illegal?

RO: Yes! (laughing) I did one here.  This is Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. I love Greek mythology. It like kind of puts me in a fantasy mood. She reminds me of like the Greek goddess Marilyn Monroe love god, so that’s why I got it. And then I have two wings at the back of my feet, pinky promise right there, and then love right there, and then a quote right here on my side, and then a quote here, two right back here, and then one there.

MT: Rihanna or Katy Perry?

RO:  Uhm, I love them both. They’re completely different I think, but I love them both.

MT: Worst pickup line someone’s used on you?

RO: It was an American man so excuse me if my accent sounds bad, he goes, “Rita, baby, I can feel your aura.” But it’s a good idea for a perfume though. Feel My Aura…Rita Ora.

Watch her full description of the incident below.

MT: Alright, last question…One Direction or The Wanted?

RO: See, I just worked with The Wanted, because I’m a songwriter as well so we just worked some stuff for the new, um…(she  falls silent).

MT: (Laughing) I know what that means.

RO: Well, we just were experimenting. I don’t know if it’s on the album or not, but anyway. See they’re older and One Direction are a lot younger.  Argh! I don’t know. I have no answer. But, my team says 1D. Okay, One Direction here.

MT: My vote too goes to One Direction. Everyone knows that.

RO: Everyone’s loyalty goes to One Direction!

Listen to the complete Q&A session below.

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