The Top 5 Turnoffs For Men And Women

If he hasn’t called you back after the big date, it could be because you’ve turned him off and you might not even realize it! And guys, you’re not off the hook just yet either, the ladies have spoken and there are 5 things that turn them off too! Here are the Top 5 turnoffs for men and women…

A British website called Female First published the results of a survey to find out what men and women think are the biggest turnoffs in the opposite sex. I think it’s pretty safe to say these apply here in the U.S. too!

Here’s what women think are the biggest turnoffs in men:

#1.) Beards: 38% of women said this was the biggest turnoff

#2.) Bad Breath: 27%

#3.) Excessive Piercings: 16%

#4.) Tattoos: 13%

#5.) Smoking: 11%

Here’s what men think are the biggest turnoffs in women:

#1.) Tattoos: 37% of men said this was the biggest turnoff, and 78% had it in their top five

#2.) Bad Breath: 28%

#3.) Smoking: 17%

#4.) Excessive Piercings: 10%

#5.) Biting Fingernails: 8%


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