Chris Brown Steals Girl’s Phone In Miami

UPDATE:  Chris Brown’s accuser captured on video explaining her side of the story to the police.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW.

[photogallerylink id=75085 align=right]Chris Brown was in Miami over the weekend partying with his buddy Tyga. It’s not like it’s out of the ordinary but he got into a little trouble while he was there and is being accused of stealing a girls phone from her hand and driving off with it in his Bentley!

The girl saw Chris leaving a club with Tyga and tried to get some photos of the two of them! Chris flipped out on her and snatched the phone out of her hand and proceeded to drive off with it. The police haven’t arrested him yet but if he does get charged he could go to jail because he’s still on probation for his past actions…

Read more on the story and see photos HERE!

  • NycGuy

    Do we really need to say anything more about this #1 d-bag?

  • I'myours083110

    Well that’s what that stupid girl gets for tryn to take pics of him.

    • Jordan

      Tons of people take picks of him. He does not react that way to all of them. He reacted to her because he broke the law.

  • Jordan

    WTF are you doing on this site? I’m only here to ask you WTF your doing on this site, STUPID!

  • Jordan

    I don’t think she is stupid but I think you are

  • Axel

    I just say that girl wanted money/attention just like half of Tiger’s “past flings”. Told Chris Brown she wanted this and that, he said f you and just drove off. Girl tossed phone away and called 911 to report a “steal”.
    I hate Chris Brown too, but every stars get harassed for no reason.

  • Diavian

    I bet she won’t take pictures of any other celebrity-lmao-. To be honest,his behavior is very immature, and I do not even see why people would be shocked by this story. Attention seekers do any and everything to stay in the spotlight and I figure he needs to step his “bad boy reputation” up so he can make sure he is always the center of attention. I still listen to his music but as far as crooning over him I plan on not falling into that “deathtrap”.

  • seb

    That B*tch tryna make some money on him…

  • Wah


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