[VIDEO] Wendy Williams Gets Emotional About The Death Of Whitney Houston!

Pop Culture Guru and Television Talk Show host, Wendy Williams got so emotional on her show today while talking about the recent and tragic death of Musical Icon, Whitney Houston. In the video Wendy also talks about her struggle with Drugs and how she hoped Whitney would someday become sober.

What are your thoughts?

  • deb

    Celine, should think about what the previous email wrote about her parents pimping her out to her manager/husband old enough to be her grandfather. That;s a true glass house statement. No matter how sucessful you are now there will come a time when no one wil buy your music or concert tickets; then look in the mirror and think of why you shouldn’t pass judgement on others. That could easily be you passing and leaving your kids behind for your much older sickly husband to take care of. If you’re going to open your much Celine let it be a prayer of comforter for the family. This is a time when we who loved her music and her body of work and how she was an inspiration to many singers that never sang in full voice or sultry rifts in their voices. And yes Wendy Williams should as should many of those that spent their career telling jokes and making fun of her set backs just to gain a famous place in Hollywood. I saw the call that Whitney made to Wendy on talking about her and not even knowing her. Wendy it’s bad enough the white race tears us down but how immature of you to follow suit just to have ratings. That could have been you leaving your child behind. Think before you speak then you can ask How you doing?

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