Rickey Smiley Morning Show : Gary With Da Tea – Will Mary J. Blige Kiss A Girl?

Weekdays Gary serves us the “Tea” and “Colour of the Day”. If you missed any of the celebrity gossip & Gary’s 2cents click below to listen to Gary w/ da Tea from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

  • Jennie Fiore

    Hey Ricky, listening this morning and I really can not believe that some one would disrespect ANYONE, let alone the Presdient of the United States of America by putting their finger in his face!! There is one person that can put their finger in your face and that is you mother! Being a white women myself, it makes me so mad because it’s the low-class, disrespectful woman that make us all look bad. And let it be known I will be writing a letter to her office. Like you said this morning you do not have to agree with everything the Presdient does but you NEVER disrespect him. If you don’t like what he does people need to get off there asses and get out a vote! But I wanted to let it be known that I agree with everything you said this morning and I love all of you guys!! Have a blessed day!!


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