Russell Simmons Defends Occupy Wall Street Against Anti-Semitism Charges

Def Jam founder Russell Simmons has never been shy about his beliefs and pet causes. Lately, he’s been seen spending lots of time with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City, providing them with a very high profile voice and face as media scrutiny of the protest movement continues to escalate. Yesterday, Simmons was interviewed by MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir, who asked him if he had seen or heard anti-semetic messages being spread by the protesters. The question clearly took Simmons by surprise, but his response was, as always, eloquent, thoughtful, and heartfelt. Check out the video after the jump …

What do you think? Is Simmons right that the anti-semetic messages he was shown are just the work of infiltrators and not indicative of what’s really happening with OWS?

  • Yoav P

    I went to Wall Street, I saw the demonstrations. I was almost excited about the movement until I saw all those anti Semitic and anti Israel signs and heard the slogans. This was not the 99% message I was hoping to hear. Specifically because there is far more than 1% of Jews living in this country. As a son of a Holocaust survivor, I watched in horror a mob of crowds reminiscent of the rise of Nazism in the early 30’s. Nazism too was born out of thoughts of equality, justice, human dignity, and spreading the wealth. I am a left wing liberal, I voted for Obama and I am pro-socialism and I have lots of criticize on how Netanyahu’s Israel is handling itself; I feel however, that the liberal left had tetaches so far off its principles these days, that for the sake of supporting an underdog they fail to see that they stand behind the messages of holocaust deniers, murderous oppressing dictators, fanatic extremists and terrorists. They go out to the streets as freedom demonstrators to spread the messages of those who have the worst record on gay and women rights, religious and cultural freedoms, freedom of speech, democracy, and diplomacy vs. violence. That’s everything a liberal or democrat shouldn’t stand behind. (and these are all things which Israel actually have extremely positive record on. In fact it’s the only country in the world where Aram women can vote!). How and when did this become the message of the liberal left???

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