Pastor Zachery Tims’ Cause Of Death Report Delayed

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When Orlando’s Pastor Zachary Tims met his untimely death in New York City on August 12th there was a lot of speculation as to the exact cause of death.  Now it appears that we may never know the true cause of death.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, last week the New York City Medical Examiner’s office delayed the release of the cause of death report. A lawsuit was filed on Friday by Tims’ mother, Madeline Tims, to keep the results from being released to the public.  Tims’ former wife, Riva Tims, is not a plaintiff in the lawsuit according to her sister, Rena Tims.

Along with the cause of death report, tests were also made on the powder found in his pocket.

In New York, autopsy and toxicology reports are not public record, but the cause of death and the identity of the powdery substance would definitely be released to the media.

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