A Guide To Facebook’s New Changes: Timeline, Ticker & Social Apps

Social Apps

Facebook has had apps for a while now – but not like this. Get ready to sync your Facebook with everything you do – from music, movies, TV, news, and your lifestyle. Listen to music on the popular website Spotify, for example, and if you have the app on Facebook every single song you listen to on the program will be shared in your friends ticker. Friends can then click on the song you’re listening to and it will open for them to hear in Spotify. Welcome to a whole new way to discover and share content with friends.

The same is true of gaming apps. Play popular game Words With Friends and your Facebook friends can click and see the moves you’re making. This applies to everything – from shows you watch on Hulu, movies you watch on Netflix, and recipes you cook.

Learn more at Facebook’s official announcement page here.

What do you like and what do you not like about the new Facebook?

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