La Loca Before & La Loca After

Can you believe this is what I first looked like until I got Medifast Weight Control Center.

OMG I feel like those people on tv saying, “Before Medifast Weight Control Center I weighed 200lb and now I weigh 152lb….”! (LOL) cause it’s true!! Not that long ago I weighed 197 as you can see above (yes that is me in the picture) and I was like this isn’t me, I use to look good in H.S.. So as time went on, I shed a couple of pounds with do it yourself diets that failed all the time and they had me feeling like a yo-yo until I joined Medifast Weight Control Center in Winter Park, where they gave me the tools to be successful. Now I’m not at the weight I want to be yet but as you can see I’m almost at 145, the target weight I’m going for. So mi gente I just wanted you to see why I talk about Medifast Weight Control Center, cause as you can see below it works.

medifast La Loca Before & La Loca After

If your scared to try it and want/need a buddy for support, hit me up we can work out together cause I know it’s not easy to go it alone.

Email me, Facebook me or Twitter me, I’m here for you and so is Medifast Weight Control Center.


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