Interview: ‘Gucci Gucci’ Rapper & VMA Best New Artist Nominee Kreayshawn

kreayshawn michelle 3 Interview: Gucci Gucci Rapper & VMA Best New Artist Nominee Kreayshawn

[pullquote quote=”You’re going to have to mug somebody in line for your tickets.” credit=”-on her sold out Roxy show”]Kreayshawn: No, I wish I knew right now. But I don’t have a date.

Michelle: I wish you did too…You’ve been doing some tour dates here and there.

Kreayshawn: Yeah.I have a little tour. It’s like a little five day tour. I’m going to L.A., New York.

Michelle: You’re going to be at the Roxy.

Kreayshawn: Hey, already sold out!

Michelle: August 27th!

Kreayshawn: Can’t get your tickets. You’re going to have to mug somebody in line for your tickets. And we’re doing New York, L.A., San Francisco, Vancouver…Oh, Philly too. I’m doing Philly for the pop festival which happens to be on my birthday…So I have a birthday show. So I better have some presents Philly.

Michelle: Who do you want to go on tour with? Anybody?

Kreayshawn: Man, it’s hard because when you’re on tour you really get to know the real people so I can’t really be like I wanna go on tour with so-and-so and then you’re on tour with them and then you’re like, ‘Man, I wish I never said that on the radio. This guy’s crazy. This chick’s crazy. She’s slowing me down.’ No, but, you know, it’s good the way it is right now, you know. Just keep it simple because, you know, the more hands around, the more complicated it gets. That’s what I’ve been learning.

Michelle: Yeah, I agree. So, just on that note: Remember the beginning. Remember we were here.

Kreayshawn: Yes, I will.

Michelle: Thank you so much for coming in. Before you go, one more thing I have to know: Where do you get the earrings? Because I can’t find them anywhere?

Kreayshawn: I get these at the gold store, you know, because these are real gold. So, you know, you just go to any local, you know, Compton.

Michelle: What if I wanted them on a budget?

Kreayshawn: You know with gold sometimes they’ll let you haggle around. These were like three hundred, you know. But I wear them everyday.

[pullquote quote=”Wet ‘N Wild. I keep it very simple.” credit=”-on her eyeliner”]Michelle: No, I was looking for some, like, maybe not Forever 21 prices, but somewhere in the middle there.

Kreayshawn: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You might wanna hit Slauson or something. The Swap Meet.

Michelle: Yeah, you’re the second person that’s told me that. Alright, now I know where to go.

Kreayshawn: We’ll go on a field trip together.

Michelle: Yeah, I’d love that. And I want you to school me a little bit on the make-up too.

Kreayshawn: Oh, the make-up, the eyeliner is Wet ‘N Wild, guys.

Michelle: No, shut up.

Kreayshawn: Wet ‘N Wild. I keep it very simple.

Michelle: Is it like a brush? Or is it a pen?

Kreayshawn: Yeah, it’s a little brush…I can’t go anywhere without it, man…Can’t try anything else. Nothing else works as good as Wet ‘N Wild.

Kreayshawn: Oh, and I’m nominated for Best New Artist for the VMAS!…Vote or die, man.

Michelle: How crazy is that?…What did you do when you got that call?

[pullquote quote=”Oh, and I’m nominated for Best New Artist for the VMAS!…Vote or die, man.”]Kreayshawn: I was at MTV and they did like this live announcement. They’re like, ‘We’re gonna interview you’ and this guy he puts the mic up to me, ‘So you’re nominated for Best New Artist for the VMAs, huh, how do you feel?’ And I’m like, ‘What?’

Michelle: They just put you on the spot like that?

Kreayshawn: Yeah, they like to get that fresh reaction. That honest face…So, I’m excited for that.

Michelle: Also, you just directed the Red Hot Chili Peppers video…That’s crazy by the way.

Kreayshawn: Yeah, that was almost more exciting than getting the deal signed. Just to have like that opportunity.

Michelle: Is that something that you want to do more of?

Kreayshawn: Yeah, definitely. You know, I can’t wait for the video to come out, so everyone else hits me up for videos too. Hey.

Michelle: Drake, we’re looking at you.

Listen to Michelle’s Interview With Kreayshawn!

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