5 Craziest “America’s Got Talent” Auditions

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atg 5 Craziest Americas Got Talent Auditions

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My gig America’s Go Talent is back and crazier than ever! In honor of the new season, I’m counting down the 5 wildest, wickedest and most ridiculous auditions of the past few years. Watch them, but be warned. They are out of control.

After you check out the clips, be sure to head on over to MySpace. I’ve hijacked the site and I’m taking charge.

5. Kevin James
No, not Mall Cop’s Kevin James.

4. Heavy Vee
When you need a man in your corner I’ll be there.

3. Corky Duke
Apparently Howie does not love da dance.

2. Primitivo Montoya
Man down!

1. Sponjetta Parrish
Studio! Studio! Come on, Piers. Don’t be hating. Sometimes a host has to step in.

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