Seis De Mayo: Top 10 Ways To Get Over Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover (page 5)

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6. Coffee & Aspirin

coffee mario tama getty images Seis De Mayo: Top 10 Ways To Get Over Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover

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People are incredibly divided over whether or not drinking coffee or taking aspirin can help a hangover. For us, personally, it sort of works as long as we are chugging tons of water to offset any dehydration–which is the main argument over why the age-old coffee and aspirin combo doesn’t work.

However, the Telegraph UK recently put out a study that says coffee and aspirin is the best hangover cure all. Here’s what scientists discovered:

They found the caffeine in coffee and the anti-inflammatory ingredients of aspirin and other painkillers reacted against the chemical compounds of ethanol, or pure alcohol.

We guess it just depends on what works for you.

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