Yuck!! The Gonorrhea SuperBug!!

gyno385 Yuck!! The Gonorrhea SuperBug!!

(Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

OMG!! Familia I don’t know how many times I gotta tell ya “Wrap It Up” no matter how good you think you know a person or how good it feels raw cause there’s a new bug that will take your life along with AIDS.

Ooh AIDS has a new friend called the Gonorrhea superbug cause just like AIDS it is said to be incurable and can ultimately take your life. Are you scared yet?

Well take a look at what I read over at msnbc.com.

An alarming new superbug may be on its way — an incurable form of gonorrhea. The disease, once easily killed with a shot of penicillin, is increasingly becoming drug-resistant. Soon, the world may face a version that can’t be killed by any known antibiotic, warned Catherine Ison, the director of the sexually transmitted bacteria reference library with the United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency.

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