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Interview: Wiz Khalifa Talks Internet Buzz And Success (page 2)

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“I had a major deal before but they liked me for the wrong reasons,” explained Wiz during his visit to 997 NOW. “So I just went back and did the real stuff, made myself happy, gained a huge fan base and went back at it.”

He definitely put his head back into the game, creating major buzz for himself through the release of eight mixtapes on the Internet where he sampled everyone from Drake and Beyonce to indie-electro favorites Empire Of The Sun. ”It’s a huge platform to get new fans… and it’s free!” says the rapper. “I was able with the Internet do promotion that major labels spend millions and millions of dollars to do.”In April 2010, when he signed a deal with Atlantic Records, Wiz was more than ready to get the ball rolling on his major label debut. But even he wasn’t expecting everything to fall into place so quickly. “I didn’t expect my record to sell 2.7 million just off the bat,” says the rapper of his ode to the Pittsburg Steelers, “Black & Yellow.”

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