Rickey Smiley Morning Show : Real Housewives Of Atlanta – Ne Ne & Pheadra Fight

nene 385 Rickey Smiley Morning Show : Real Housewives Of Atlanta   Ne Ne & Pheadra Fight

Atlanta Housewife Ne Ne Leakes rarely holds her tongue, so when Gary with Da Tea shared a story about her during his gossip report she called up immediately.  Upon Ne Ne clearing the air about the show and how she feels towards certain cast members; Pheadra called in.  All I can say is you have to hear the drama for yourself.

  • Keya G

    I will have to say Pheadra let Ne Ne have it about damn time somebody let that B#@tch have it she woeks my damn nerves always tryin to put somebody out.

    • Monica

      Phaedra handled this situation with class! Ne Ne used to be one of my favorite ATL houswives because of her personality and humor, but her asctions this season has killed it for me.

  • Carmel Carter

    Oh please why did you let Nene on the show. She don’t listen you all were agreeing with her. She can’t pronounce words and she’s not as proper as she is. And another thing she don’t have money that Nene has. Pheadra is a class act and NeNe is GHETTO!!!!!!!!

  • TONI

    Pheadra is mad dog and so is her so called man

  • Kyla

    NeNe is a very tragic, stereotypical figure. She doesn’t need a forum she needs some Prozac and a vacation at the mental hospital.

  • Ursula

    Free Sweetie! LOL!! Hilarious!!

  • Sonja

    Thank You Pheadra, you are so TRUE, be a WOMAN… I hope the NeNe gets her HAPPY BACK soon…

  • Name

    Empty head big mouth, Why does NeNe need to try and bring people down in an attempt to make her self look good !!! Sad, embarrassing just shame filled !!!! If she ever had happy which she doesn’t sound as she ever has, I would hope she get it back. She is why I don’t watch show any longer.Ugly inside and out.

  • Sha Bklyn

    I am so sick of NeNe every season she must choose someone to beef with in order to keep her spot on the show. The last two seasons where the worst she has caused me to not want to watch the show. Her attitude is so High School sometimes. None of my friends act like that and if they did they wouldn’t be my friend. She is really annoying. Grown women don’t act like that. Everything is a constant beef she may need to fall back before this foolishness affects her health. As far as sweetie is concerned I’m appauded that any black women in this day and age would allow anyone to treat them in that manner. Kim couldn’t pay me enough to be her assistant she is taking that job title (Personal Assistant) too far. If Sweetie was jewish we wouldn’t have this issue. Bravo as well as cast member should be ashamed of themselves for not really stepping up and addressing the issue. As much as I don’t like NeNe this is one issue where I agree with her. Everyone else is saying Sweetie is a grown woman and if she doesn’t mind they can’t really say anything. That’s BULL you can’t turn the check on things like this it has to be nipped in the bud immediatlely. First comes the feel out then the play out. Just because Sweetie don’t know better doesn’t mean we don’t. Each one teach one.

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