Deion Sanders Wife Pilar Has A Problem With Strangers Using Her Bathrooms!

deion sanders and pilar 3851 Deion Sanders Wife Pilar Has A Problem With Strangers Using Her Bathrooms!

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

The film crew for the Footall Wives reality show got a dose of reality when dealing with Deion Sanders wife Pilar. She refused to have any memebr of the film crew to use any of her 13 bathrooms in the mansion, anytime they came to film.

  • linda

    Whats wrong with ms high and mighty u got 13 brms and don’t want any crew members to use 1-where did she come from before she met dion-and why isn’t he gotten a say in the matter since its his house- man people can kill me knowing all this material things comes from God-he gave it to them-who in their right minds want a mansion that big-I know she doesn’t have any friends over not unless they all sit in the kitchen and wipe their feet and shoes off at the foor-lets not forget the same way this was given to them can be the same way it can be taken from them-she is just a bitch with her husbands wealth.that was ridiculous-oh well maybe she and he will learn-he’s always been arrogant even in football-I hope they both pray,apparently they can do and say what they want-just know I would not want to be in her shoes as far as being down to earth-she don’t clean thats why she got a maid,butlet,and etc,so she doesn’t lift a finger in doing nothing-oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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