Montana Fishburne Is Loving The New Spotlight!

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(Photo by Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images)

She is quickly becoming the new face of porn after only doing a couple of films! All because of her famous dad! And he hates it!!

  • Ray Wilkerson

    We must do what keeps us joyous and complacent with this life. I’m not mad at ya. Your intent is good. Continue to become independent and learn to depend on you!!!! Take care.

  • Tihesha Brown

    Wow!!! what a shame……she is way too beautiful to lead her life in that direction I know Lawrence Fishburne is very embarrassed of his daughter

  • Tonya Wright

    SHAMEFUL!!!!!! A disgrace to her family. There is no logical reason as to why she has to use her real (birth name) name to get publicity. She should respect her family enough to create an alias or stage name, any is better than her real name.


    People need to understand that your parents give you life and understanding, it is up to you to make somthing out of it. Your parents do so much for you when your little. And when you are older it is now all on you to make something out of you life. No matter what or childern do we as parents will love them no matter what. True she could have chose something different to do but he love’s her the same.

    • Lynette Byrd

      Very true Sherry, because I am going through a situation with my daughter right now. I love her dearly but totally disagree with her lifesyle right now. I pray for her and love her the same and I know it’s nothing that I did to contribute to the life she chose so I am confident it that.

  • Lena Lakes

    Remember: honor thy mother and father and in doing so you will honor me, your father in heaven. Her life is her life… pain in the long run will be shared with her parents and God. This is the road she has chosen, she must walk it as she see’s fit, but a parent is a parent and God is always God. Pray for her…do not past judgement. This is an example of the negative, demonic force working overtime? He is sitting back laughing for all the confusion and division he is causeing with this family. Bless you Mr.& Mrs. Fishburne… prayers are with your family. Please don’t turn your back on her, pray for her. Thank you.

    • Lynette Byrd

      I totslly agree with you. Those are some warm and thoughtful words there and I pray the family will take heed to it, prayers works all the time.

    • Ms Porter

      Amen, you said it that’s the truth Ms. Lakes :-)


    As cazy as this all sound she has everything she needs of this world but not of God that is what we all need not just her

  • Ms Porter

    I totally agree with you.. :-)

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