Black Couple Birth White Child

family Black Couple Birth White Child A British couple astounded genetic experts recently when they told doctors neither of them have had any mixed-race ancestry in their history that they can identify.

Speculators think this may be evidence in support to the African Origin Theory. Others call it a miracle of god.

Ben, the father, astounded and speechless after witnessing his wife give birth to a non-albino, perfectly healthy white baby admits “We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages – not saying anything.”

Professor Bryan Sykes, head of Human Genetics at Oxford University and Britain’s leading expert, says the event is “extraordinary”.

He adds: “The hair is extremely unusual. Even many blonde children don’t have blonde hair like this at birth.”
He also stated that both parents would have needed “some form of white ancestry” for the genes containing white skin data to be carried on.

For a video interview with the parents and the whole story, click here.

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