Is There A Rambo 5 In The Works???

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"Rambo" Japan Premiere

(Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images)

The rumors have been swirling around for months now about the possibility of a Rambo 5 movie by Sylvester Stallone. Well, I’m happy to report…SYLVESTER STALLONE says, quote, “I think Rambo’s pretty well done. I don’t think there’ll be any more. I’m about 99% sure. I was going to do it . . . But for Rambo to go on another adventure might be, I think, misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture and not necessary. I don’t want that to happen.” The rumors had Rambo going up against some genetically-engineered Bigfoot-type monster(STUPID!!). But I am so glad they aren’t! Tha t would have just ruined the whole legacy of Rambo as we know it!

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