DMX Gets 6 Months But…

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dmx1 DMX Gets 6 Months But...

Grrr…What’s my name? D-M-X and he is on his way to jail for a spell.

[lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] is going to jail for REAL this time.  X was sentenced to 6 months in an Arizona jail for violating his probation after he used cocaine.  During today’s hearing the judge also placed him on probation for 20 months once he is released. [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] that he had been accepted by Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Pasadena Recovery Center, if he wanted to enter the program once he serves his jail time.

Let’s not get excited because it doesn’t look like [lastfm]DMX[/lastfm] will be featured on the show.  I wish him well on his path to recovery because we miss you X.

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